SUPER 7 DAYS Christian Singles coming together from across the country to share a week of fun, fellowship and spiritual growth in Colorado.
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July 2016


As begun in 2014, in addition to ministering to singles as we have done for 30 years now we are going to allow 'alumni', individuals who participated in Super 7 Retreats in the past and have since married to return with their spouses and enjoy the fellowship of the retreat again.

After having studied how this could be achieved without disrupting the dynamics of what makes Super 7 unique, we feel we have a plan to allow those who have asked to be able to participate in the retreat again. Most activities will be able to have our single campers and our alumni campers to participate together easily enough. The one time where we will separate the groups is during our small group discussion time so that each small group constructed to allow people at similar places in life to have others around them they can relate to. Our retreats have always fostered a since of family among those who have attended over the years, a feeling that has spanned decades for some of us. The leadership team feels that this step is consistent with that history and will help the ministry keep touching lives not just for a season, but ongoing.